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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ukraine State News Broadcast of MH17 is Naked Propaganda

Activist Post
Ukraine's state sponsored news broadcast of the alleged shoot down of flight MH17 should win the award for best propaganda of the year.

Watch how the presenter repeatedly refers to the video of the perpetrators supposedly taking credit for the attack. The problem is that video is proven to have been produced before the event took place, thus implicating the creators in foreknowledge of the attack. The creator of that video, by the way, is the Ukrainian government in Kiev.

Next, as she says "region controlled by terrorists" with a straight face, there's a yuppie in a golf shirt in the background standing with an equally yuppie elderly man near their ultra fuel-efficient and sleek motorbike watching the plume of smoke from a short distance. It'd be hilarious if the implications weren't so serious. Count how many times she calls opponents of the West's coup "terrorists".

This video really deserves more analysis, leave your comments below.

You can visit our MH17 article archive here.  Poll:  Who do you think shot down Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17?

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