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Monday, May 27, 2013

US Violations of Our 3D Printer Rights via ‘Bogeymen’?

3-D Apocalypse Zombies with Plastic Guns will get you and yours…

Which is likelier: being shot
with a 3D-printed plastic gun,
or getting burned in a car fire?
image source
Tracy Turner

1990s, Netscape or Internet Explorer? For those who have not followed the Open Source Movement – while many or most of you were arguing Mac or Windows, Free BSD was doing cartwheels where Mac System 6 and Windows 3.1 (both could play music CD’s, neither could surf the web) could barely stay booted-up.

But deceased Steve Jobs and Monsanto’s Michael Taylor could well surpass Bill Gates' position as most hated man on Earth today if either could corner 3D tech, now. BTW, open-source Firefox works the best. This is not about guns, this is about Boardwalk Place billionaire monopoly via Plutarchs.

Let us digress – the government has focused the corrupt lamestream media onto guns as populace bogeyman aka fear mongering. How many of your loved ones were assassinated via plastic homemade guns? How many of your loved ones might soon in the future need a 3D bio-liver, 3D bio-kidney or 3D bio-cornea transplant? The great national panic is the consumer printing their own, bypassing Astra Zeneca, Dow, 3M and Monsanto.

What all fear-mongers have in common is to kill all competitors (financially-speaking), particularly your free, open-source and 3D printer competitors, firms, developers, garage-inventors (the new Steve Wozniaks), etc. Free products that work better (Free BSD, Debian, finished work coming out of a 3D printer, etc., is evil; over-priced inferior-performance and slow innovation is the Holy Grail).

The idea that scientists, garage inventors, web and computer geeks can do a better job with less money than multinational mega-corporations that elect and re-elect all politicians worldwide is… well, un-monopolies are un-American. The fact that they serve the public good rather than corrupt politicians and corrupt monopolist-consumerist-conformists is drummed out by propaganda news shills selling ad space and monopolizing TV and the Web. Circa 2013, 3D printers are evil gun-fabricators owned by right-wing-killer-perverts. 

Is the open-source-invented, non-patent free or very low-cost schematic protected free speech? Even though one can probably get the schematic free or low cost, buy the or formulate materials for a few dollars … one is legally mandated to buy a morphine pump from Big Pharma. Fuel Injectors for a truck that work better than those from Detroit, same deal. You must purchase from ‘authorized’ monopolists, the truck injectors must get less fuel economy and be designed to break. Yes, 3D is new and expensive, for now. 

An army of zombies shall shoot every man, woman and child in the US Army, ;-) with a 3D ‘printed’ gun, right? We all know how cool the gun companies and NRA are with us printing very, very high-tech guns in the laundry room at home. Just as cool as Bill Gates still is with Unix. Do you sense an uphill battle, or a sham, brainwash battle, ya think?

The whole philosophy of the open-source was and still is universal free access to plans, formulae, blueprints; the open-source that Monsanto pesticide company is fighting … the agronomist open-sources are dedicated to free fruit and vegetable genes/seeds, no food patents, etc. As goes the 3D printer, so goes food, water, probably private property, etc. A morphine drip-pump for cancerous Gladys in her own home, you have to pay PHARMA for the pump and a licensed Registered Nurse to run it – even if the open-source people make a superior morphine pump that needs no nurse.
More than guns can come out of a 3D printer, hence the fierce, fierce brainwashing with the scam and sham mind-battle. 

Aside from my theoretical morphine pump and truck injectors, Boise Weekly put together a list (of things the monopolists don’t want you making at home!), like: Shoes, Body Parts (jaw, replacement hip, etc., Handguns, of course and/or an Urbee car. An entire car, made out of parts from a 3D printer and Internet-downloadable plans. Greenhouse misting systems, a small farm tractor, a set of metric and standard tools, a solar-charged flashlight with LED’s … basically, you can download plans for just about anything for free, online and cut the parts on a 3D printer – so watch the government outlaw them from the public. 

Following dated items found at

May.24, 2013 - Austin, Texas based online hackerspace TechJango has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its Darkmatter Xbox Laptop you can buy as a fully assembled product or in kit form. 

New South Wales Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione has warned the public against the use of 3-dimensional printed guns, pointing out that they are both dangerous and illegal.

May.23, 2013 - Kaiba Gionfriddo, a six-week-old baby collapsed and turned blue when the family was at a restaurant. Using a device to restore his breathing created by a 3D printer has saved a baby’s life.

Andrew Man-Hudspith is 11 years old but he has used his 3D printer to make plastic objects and repair things that breaks.

May.16, 2013 - Four students from Leiden University in the Netherlands have come up a striking concept: SkinPrint. "SkinPrint will solve this major issue by producing human skin with a 3D Bioprinter." Notes the team.

The Executive Council of Amsterdam's HBO College has banned students and lecturers from making a gun with the college's 3D printer.

May.9, 2013 - However experts warn that firing a gun in which any part has been created in a 3D printer could pose a potential threat to their users.

That’s right, in test firings, many 3-D guns explode upon firing (would injure a human hand firing said ‘threat to society’. Remember, those who can afford this technology and make their own economy car – bypassing Detroit, Japan and the Germans. Expect to hear a plethora of fear mongering, such as Bloomberg jumping in. The Bloomberg article reflects a Plutarch warning to the masses of all the ways 3D printers can kill or harm us all, with no references to printing human skin to save lives.

The U.S. State Department has demanded that Defense Distributed take down its 3D gun files because they were “possibly in violation” of export-control laws and because this was high profile, repetitive news cycles fear mongering propaganda.

Bloomberg quotes:

It gets a bit scarier. Professor Lee Cronin, at the University of Glasgow, has been experimenting with something he calls “reactionware,” which he hopes will allow people to print their own medication at home. A 3-D printer shoots a sequence of chemical agents into special gel chambers that create a controlled reaction. Cronin says that before long, consumers should be able to download a “recipe” from a drug company -- for, say, ibuprofen -- that they could then print out at home. This holds great promise for patients, drug researchers and developing countries in need of medicines.
What is scary, the DEA war on drugs killing people in raids just as they are inventing new life-saving drugs? Who scares you more, garage inventors or Homeland Security?

Aside from Bloomberg using fear-mongering words and concocted scenarios that have yet to happen, mostly… The drug companies are staking out their turf, so that a Leukemia patient does not download a recipe for $5,000 per month Gleevec and just print their own, cheaper pills with a 3D printer, making the pills at home from ‘open source’ free recipes. 

Again, Bloomberg article quote,

Professor Jonathan Zittrain of Harvard University offers one compelling suggestion: Require that all 3-D printers be connected to the Internet to function, then make them check with a list of prohibited items online before printing a new object. This sounds promising, and in theory could be used to prevent intellectual-property infringements as well.
Just like Monsanto contaminating organic farm food seed and passing laws that ever more lean towards, “go online and see if your home vegetables are Monsanto-approved varieties of food”.  Monopolies are ‘always in the public interest’.

There is so much TV, radio and Internet fear mongering on 3D ‘guns’ and the ‘potential vast wave’ of persons blowing their own trigger fingers off with exploding guns that we can all see what ‘vast truth with no propaganda’ we are being bamboozled with.

Circa future date and time, you are a woman and 3D-printed cars are not available so you buy a factory-monopoly car. It catches fire on a bridge and the defective electric door locks trap you inside with the heat. A large, burly truck driver filled with adrenalin kicks a window out and pulls you to safety; but your face and arms are horribly burned.

While in the hospital, your family is contacted by Connecticut grad-student medical researchers who offer to print-grow 3D new face and arm skin to restore you back to a condition almost before the fire. They have designed an algorithm and bioprocess to grow skin with the same thickness, color, texture and softness as the burn-victim's skin. But...

The Cloud has detected similarities between your file, Skin12 and the Bloomberg Medical Groups Skin.dat. Under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, your file Skin12 has been destroyed. Please Contact Bloomberg Medical if you wish to lease Skin.dat.

The US 3D Printer Department has detected dangerous activity within the (Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and Steve Jobs Spy-Monopolist) Cloud; You and the others who attempted to build the file Skin12 are now on the ‘No Fly’ and ‘Terrorist Watch’ list.

In New Mexico, a Schizophrenic man is struggling with Schizophrenia and the cost of his anti-psychotic meds, living expenses, etc. He is diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous leukemia. His neighbor is a University and Aerospace Researcher with dual degrees, one of is Chemical Engineering. As his 3D printer starts spraying chemicals into gels to make generic Gleevec from an expired patent, the DEA and Department of Homeland Security show up. The agents handcuff and charge him with Narco-Terrorism and possessing bomb-making chemicals (the Gleevec raw ingredients).

In Northern California, an IEEE IBM employee is charged with Narco-Terrorism and possessing bomb-making chemicals for engineering his own treatment for Multiple Sclerosis for himself and his wife.

3D printers, 3D printing and inventors are probably the upper-limit of what this techno can accomplish in a free and open society. A few publications and articles discuss open-source free as opposed to patented-monopolies. Such discussions seem myopic in a 1950-2013 time-frame-sense. Wall Streeters like Bloomberg overtly or covertly take Monsanto’s side, monopolies' side.

When the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, legend has it that the Native Americans explained that they had patents and copyrights on Corn, Squash, Pumpkin, Wild Turkey hunting and making fish hooks. 

If the legend, the properly told legend is correct, open source saved the lives of the first Euro-settlers to America – not patent-monopoly by Plutarchs, Oligarchs and Kleptocrats. Sharing is a tradition in America going back to the Americans on the East Coast. Hoarding food patents via Monsanto or inhibiting 3D chemical and bio-invention is as uniquely Un-American as Monsanto food-patent-hoards. Closed source Apple, Bloomberg and Microsoft is the opposite of Native Americans feeding Pilgrims and teaching corn farming.

How did the Bloomberg article miss 3D bioskin printing for burn and road-abrasion victims? The most fearsome thing of all is a human in agony missing lots of skin and Bloomberg news-Big Pharma/Big Med charging $30,000 for a few millimeters of bio-3D-printed skin. Brainwashing via Lamestream Media does not replace dead human body organs and tissue, broken or missing limbs.

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Tracy Turner was born into two extended families of bookworms - one horticultural and one petroleum industry. Semi-retired from IT and Botanical Garden Plant Propagation, his main interest are science, news, politics national and world events. Urges anyone to ask several IT professionals about web censorship; which is becoming rampant. Twitter, Facebook and Myspace are not free speech - they are places of monitoring, censoring and personal data harvesting. If you love freedom, become active in free speech and freedom of the press activism.

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