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Monday, April 22, 2013

A Call For Boycott Against CISPA Supporters (Video)

The Internet recently fought against the incredibly unpopular and ridiculous “cyber safety” bill called the Stop Online Piracy Act. Online ‘blackouts’ and outspoken critics downright embarrassed and forced the United States Congress and the media lobbyists to back down from supporting it while also leading to thousands leaving GoDaddy’s web hosting care due to the company’s now retracted support of SOPA. 

However, Congress and the rest of the world’s governments did not learn. They and their shadowy counterparts thought they could sneak in bills within bills – a billception if you will. 
And they have succeeded. After all, there is no law in existence that requires Congressmen to actually READ the legislation they vote on to pass or strike down. After all, there is no law in existence that says you CAN’T sneak in stuff. 
ACTA and other rights violating bills soon followed which includes today’s bill of the month: CISPA, otherwise known as the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (H.R. 3523) which is basically like SOPA..except it has more supporters this time. 

It’s been introduced as a “protector” of one’s rights on the Internet and elsewhere by U.S. Representative Michael Rogers. The bill is of course chock full of incredibly vague terms very similar to the text in the National Defense Authorization Act for the year 2012 (“belligerent acts”, really?) which could screw over millions of innocents. 
So we call for boycott! A beginning point of a struggle that will be indefinite as long as these injustices and lazy legislators continue to exist! 
Yes, the mobilization of millions once more to fight these outrageous bills, to be forced to learn, learn and learn for us to better arm ourselves with knowledge in order to fight the future government trying to screws on We the People! 

The List Of Supporters For CISPA: 

Business Roundtable
CTIA – The Wireless Association
Cyber, Space & Intelligence Association
Edison Electric
The Financial Services Roundtable
Independent Telephone & Telecommunications Alliance
Information Technology Industry Council
Internet Security Alliance
Lockheed Martin
National Cable & Telecommunications Association
US Chamber of Commerce
US Telecom – The Broadband Association
Yes, Facebook, Verizon, Microsoft & even Verizon. It will be tough, but we can do it, after all, THEY depend on US. 

- Article Written By: The Circus

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