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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gary Johnson 2012: The Libertarian Revolution Will Not Be Televised

“The revolution will not be televised.”
This phrase accurately describes the libertarian movement, as it continues to penetrate the American psyche in the forms of Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. Every day, a growing segment of the population, which is young, educated, and internet native, joins the ranks of the libertarians and their allies. And every day, the regime which currently controls the United States — those inner party officials, media mouthpieces, and corporate backers — continue to lose legitimacy, support, and ultimately, control. Over the next few years, these elements will become increasingly impotent, as they lose the ideological and technological race for supremacy against a new generation of Americans who are not dependent upon systems controlled by the corporatist state.
First, the party duopoly has begun to experience trouble in the recruitment of loyal party followers. Mainstream Republicans are unable to replenish their ranks due to an overall shift in demographics, as well as their open hostility towards actual small government activists who seek involvement in the party. Democrats, while being considerably more successful than Republicans, have shown themselves to be increasingly desperate in their tactics. They have chosen to follow an Orwellian model, perpetuating a Keynesian economic cycle of poverty and dependence which, in return, makes the population more susceptible to racial, sexual, and class-based bribery. Relying on either a small aristocracy or the impoverished masses will result in failure for the parties, as the middle class – that class of tradesmen, managers, and entrepreneurs who have served as the agitators and revolutionaries of centuries past – has become aware of the movement which truly represents their socially liberal, fiscally sane views.
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