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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Peace with Poetry: Ferguson Poet Asks Police to Think

Twenty-two year old Marcellus Buckley uses the spoken word to counter the mainstream narrative about the Ferguson uprising.  

The People vs The Police - by Marcellus Buckley

We the people of the United States holds congress to their word,

They should do the same to their officers who are supposed to protect and serve,

How can we put our trust in someone who pushes us down when we are hurt?

Instead of lending a hand they call us monkeys like caged animals only treating us worst,

Singing oh we got what we deserved,

A trainee want to be with poison from the devil himself is only doing his work,

  A racist.....

In a disguised uniform you can see the hatred in their eyes,

As they shout racial slurs only when they think they're not heard,

Or when the actions aren't seen,

But when they are caught they try to cover up everything,

Why do you think he fled the scene?

After he tried to silence your voice making sure you can't say a thing,

But now the world is your voice & together we sing,

For you Michael Brown "Hands up! Don't shoot!"

"No justice! No peace!"

For a fair trial and proper burial for your soul to rest in peace,

So we stand hand and hand hoping to overcome in these streets,

That justice will prevail For the People vs The Police.

~ Marcellus Buckley  

Since first attending protests on August 14th, Marcellus has become known as Ferguson’s poet, distributing his poetry about social justice and inequality far and wide.

I recently spoke to Marcellus and his grandmother about his poetry, the murder of Michael Brown and the Ferguson protests.  Marcellus is an amazingly wise young man who cares deeply about life.  Marcellus rode his bike 4 miles to Ferguson from Spanish Lake each day to show his support for the protesters in Ferguson.  The most impressive characteristic about Marcellus is how he has overcome what he calls a "negative" background and used his talent to bring a positive message to the world.  He is a perfect example of the human spirit's ability to rise above life's circumstances to accomplish great things.  Marcellus credits his mother and grandmother with providing him the type of upbringing which has helped him to view the world with faith and love; creating peace with poetry.

Please watch his recent interview with The Real News network's Jihan Hafiz to gain a better understanding of Marcellus and his mission in life.

Marcellus was also recently featured in a video produced by France 24.

Enjoy two recent poems written by Marcellus Buckley (reprinted with permission).

Please visit Peace with Poetry to show your support for Marcellus!

You can also vote for Marcellus here.

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