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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Spanish Lake and Its Connection to Unrest in Ferguson

controversial. political. racial.

Spanish Lake is an unflinching look at economic oppression and racism in the unincorporated township of Spanish Lake, Missouri.

ST. LOUIS COUNTY - A local theater franchise has canceled plans to show a new documentary about race in St. Louis County. According to Riverfront Times, Wehrenberg Theaters has decided not show the film "Spanish Lake" at local theaters when it's released this year. The film chronicles the decline of the North St. Louis County town, "Spanish Lake," situated just 8 miles from Ferguson, MO. Ferguson is the city currently experiencing daily protest since August 9, 2014  when Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed 18 year old Michael Brown. Many believe the decline of both Ferguson and "Spanish Lake" are due to redlining by the county government.

The film's Facebook page posted the following statement:
SPANISH LAKE was planned to come back to St. Louis theaters on September 5th. However, Wehrenberg Theatres has decided to cancel the screenings due to the recent developments in Ferguson. We respect their decision and are sensitive to the tensions in the area, but we are disappointed because we believe the message of the film is more important than ever before.
Spanish Lake is a bold and uncompromising documentary focused on economic oppression in the suburb of Spanish Lake, Missouri. Operating without a local government, the lack of community leadership has disastrous effects, including a mass exodus of the white population in the late 1990's. The themes of the film parallel America's growing political divide, underlying racism, and rise of anti-government sentiment. Highlighted in the film is a landmark U.S. Supreme Court case from 1971, spearheaded by then HUD Secretary George Romney, which changed the course of public housing for the nation.

Watch Spanish Lake Trailer below:

Listen to an interview with the film's Director, Phillip Andrew Morton on Center Stage with radio host, Kheri Hines in which they discuss the film's connection to the unrest in Ferguson.

Online Radio Radio at Blog Talk Radio with CenterStage on BlogTalkRadio

Please visit the official website for Spanish Lake Film today to find our more about the film and showtimes.

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