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Saturday, August 9, 2014

‘I’d Like to Join ISIS and Kill with Them’: Children Volunteer for Jihad

VICE has taken another look at the inner workings of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), this time focusing on the effective and disturbing way that the radical Islamists recruit one particular group: children.
“For us, we believe that this generation of children is the generation of the Caliphate,” one ISIS fighter tells the camera. “God willing, this generation will fight infidels and apostates, the Americans and their allies, God willing. The right doctrine has been implanted in these children. All of them love to fight for the sake of building the Islamic State and for the sake of God.”
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At another point, a 9-year-old boy tells the interviewers he will soon be going to an ISIS training camp to learn how to use a Kalashnikov rifle.

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An ISIS preacher known as Abdullah the Belgian brought his son to the territory controlled by ISIS from Belgium; he quizzed the boy about why ISIS fights.
“Why do we kill the infidels?” he asks the boy. “What have the infidels done?”
“They kill Muslims,” his young son responds. “The infidels of Europe, all the infidels.”
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In yet another disturbing scene, a boy identifying himself as 14-year-old Daoud says, “I’d like to join the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and kill with them.”
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Although this is rather disturbing, it's not much different than American children who are taught to pledge allegiance to the American flag and recruited to fight in wars of aggression killing millions of innocent people around the world.
Watch the full video here:

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