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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ebola Outbreak: Critical Questions About the Pandemic

There are rumors that there already is a vaccine for Ebola, and many medical companies have been working on finding  a cure. NIH ( National Institute of Health ) is going to launch testing in September.  
Results from the study should be available by January, Fauci said. If the vaccine proves safe and effective, Fauci said he expects that it could be given to health workers in affected African countries sometime in 2015. "We are starting to discuss some deals with pharmaceutical companies to help scale it up, so on an emergency basis, it might be available in 2015 for health workers who are putting themselves at extreme risk," Fauci said. 
There are currently no effective treatments or vaccines for Ebola, which causes fever and headache in early stages but can lead to hemorrhaging, liver failure and kidney failure in later stages. But scientists have been working on four or five preventive vaccines that appear effective.  (Source)
There is a small biopharma which has been working on an experimental serum.  Infected Dr. Brantly has been vaccinated with this..  (Source)

This small biopharma company in Owensboro, KY, has been contracted to grow the drug. Now what gets interesting is that this small company which is focused on developing this vaccine is linked to DARPA.  
Owensboro, KY - The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has announced that Kentucky Bioprocessing (KBP), LLC, is being awarded an agreement for developing a proof-of-concept platform capable of delivering vaccine grade recombinant protein, an essential component of future vaccines. 
The platform is a plant based system that uses non-genetically modified tobacco plants as a host for the expression of vaccine grade recombinant protein. The goal of the project is to demonstrate that plant based systems are scalable for rapid delivery of purified recombinant protein that meet all FDA requirements for human use.  (Source)
Any thoughts ? 

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