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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Caught on Camera: Man Beaten, Arrested

Arkansas Police Accountability Project

FOX16 (PULASKI COUNTY, AR) - "Yeah I thought I was going to get shot, is what I thought." 

Martin Mcclain Jr. says he was at a gas station trying to get money for a job he did for a friend when several undercover sheriff's deputies showed up. That's when this happened.

"They got out and they started hollering my name, and they had guns and I took off running, next thing I know I was getting hit in the head," says Mcclain.

According to a sheriff's office report Mcclain was arrested for drugs after deputies found marijuana, meth, and ecstasy. 

He says he didn't have any drugs on him.

The sheriff's office saw this video and investigated the use of excessive force.

"There were a couple of the deputies that were disciplined as a result of the incidence, and that's already been carried out," says Lt. Carl Minden.

Each serving a suspension without pay but months after the incident, Mcclain is wanting more. 

"I lost a job, a lot of work, money, my character, my back. I've got three bulging discs in my back right now, I'm seeing a specialist. I mean they should have to pay for my doctor's bills, pay for everything I've lost, and those guys, they need to lose their jobs," says Mcclain.

Mcclain has hired a lawyer who is pushing for charges.

"I want these guys to be arrested and convicted of battery, crimes. And then, if we are not satisfied with what happens there, we are going to sue them."

Beaten and arrested, all caught on tape has one Pulaski county man wanting justice.

"Those guys right there, they're not officers, I definitely don't want them protecting my children."

David Lewis the attorney for Martin Mcclain says this is not the only case he is working on against the Pulaski County Sheriff's Department.

Surveillance Video:

Arkansas Police Accountability Project is seeking volunteers who care about the victims of police violence. We do not "hate" cops.  We want to help improve the current system to hold police accountable and restore confidence in those who are charged with the tremendous responsibility of keeping us safe. We highlight the achievements of police officers who engage in positive policing activities, who do not violate our rights, who are willing to break the Blue Code of Silence, and who only use violence as a last resort  in accordance with the principle of non aggression.  We also highlight abuses of power and police brutality to shine a light in the darkness in an effort to promote transparency and accountability.  That which is hidden in the darkness can be revealed only when light shines on it.  We value life and the principle of non-aggression.  We do not tolerate anyone who wishes harm to the men and women who serve in law enforcement.  Many of them are victims of a flawed system.  We are interested in volunteers who want make the world a better place for everyone. If interested, please send us a private message on Facebook.
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