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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Arkansas Libertarian Candidate Steals the Show

Frank Gilbert, Libertarian candidate for Governor of Arkansas 'cracked up the audience at the recent debate hosted by the Arkansas Press Association in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Who wouldn't vote for Frank Gilbert for Governor? He's intelligent, responsible, down to earth and funny!

As reported by Independent Arkansas' Steve Brawner:
It’s still a tossup as to who will be the next governor, but we know who it won’t be: neither Frank Gilbert nor Josh Drake, the Libertarian and Green Party nominees.
Gilbert, the Libertarian, and Drake also know neither of them will be the next governor – not in a system dominated by Republicans and Democrats. Nevertheless, they’ve put their names on the ballot.
Here’s the shorthand for what their parties stand for. Greens are pro-environment and pro-government health care. Libertarians are for less government in both economic and social issues.
Drake and Gilbert presented their cases during an Arkansas Press Association debate July 11 – and, by the way, kudos to the APA for giving them that opportunity. Here’s what they said … Read More

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