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Monday, July 29, 2013

Psychosis in the Sky?

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How police helicopter madness became the norm in L.A.
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Bernie Suarez

For those who live in Los Angeles, you wake up in the morning and perhaps think to yourself all the things you want to accomplish today or this week. You are ready for the day and then all is interrupted by a police helicopter flying right over your house. That’s right, it’s that familiar sound: the annoying sound of the helicopter draws a strong sense of weariness, maybe a little paranoia. Deep down you are thinking: what are the police up to now? Is it a ‘Lock down’?

Those who are fully awakened wonder, where is the next government false flag? This helicopter sound fades away only to return seconds later; one look shows that the police helicopter is now flying in some kind of circle. Sadly this scene (a police helicopter flying over and over again in redundant circles) will play itself out all day and all night. Yes, all night the same helicopters fly over and over and over. The propeller sound seeks to become part of your normal background noise. At night the choppers can be seen shining bright beams of light at no particular target on the ground; instead, the bright beam of light seems to be intended to hit as many houses and apartment buildings as possible. Shining that light at just one spot may be a wasted opportunity to disturb the most amount of people.

At police headquarters, I can imagine they are rehearsing one drill after another. These work in conjunction with their other martial law drills, or as they call them ‘terrorists drills'.

I’m wondering, what is the criteria for employing the use of a helicopter? Actually, after doing some research, I don’t believe there are any. LAPD has developed a culture of flying helicopters over the people. They have entire websites dedicated to this culture; they have the largest fleet in the country with their fleet of 17+ helicopters. I came across a website apparently for recruiting new pilots. The site has a section for Q and A. First question:

Is the LAPD Air Support Division Effective?


The effectiveness of police aviation units are often questioned by both the citizens as well as government leaders charged with funding their operations. A few detractors consider some law enforcement air units as nothing more than a taxpayer funded flying club. While most street cops know the value of having a helicopter overhead at the right time, it is always nice to have a legitimate study to support this position. The following information is directly from LAPD's Air Support Division website:

A study commissioned by NASA and conducted by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s (JPL) Space Technology Applications Office confirmed the study and report findings as follows: 
*The number of Part 1 Property Crimes is reduced when an LAPD helicopter is overhead. 
*The number of arrests associated with radio calls is three times higher with the involvement of LAPD aircrews. 
*The citizens of Los Angeles accept helicopter patrols as a necessary part of the City’s police system and strongly favor their continuation. 
*Department ground based officers universally support a strong airborne law enforcement program within the department.
Alas we can understand that the entire helicopter program exists because a NASA-commissioned study confirms that the chopper program is worth it. Please tell me they didn’t do it again. Please tell me this is not another one of those secret studies that controls legislation and thus our reality as we march forward toward tyranny. Unfortunately it looks that way. So the citizens “strongly favor their continuation”? That’s not what the record shows. Helicopters in the sky have long been an issue of frustration and annoyance for LA residents. Several attempts to pass legislation have been thwarted and the issue is ongoing.

Note that the decision to launch and continue the country’s largest helicopter program is based mostly on the theoretical increase in arrests made or decreases in theft. No mention of what percentage increase of arrests and convictions of actual hard criminals are observed or what legitimate direct connection there is for claiming ‘Part 1 Property Crimes’ are reduced. I want to know how much is it reduced? Can the reduction in ‘part 1 property crimes’ be due to possibly some other factor? Like more aware communities, neighborhood watch programs, cameras, armed (or perceived armed) home owners and renters? Maybe because they know most people carry a cell phone with a camera? Or perhaps those home security signs make the burglars think the alarm will go off. How do you truly measure this?

But wait, not so fast, here are some more statistics and claims I found on the LAPD helicopter program from the last few years:

In 2012: LAPD helicopters helped set up more than 1,500 perimeters, "when a helicopter positions ground officers to surround a crime scene."
  • Choppers made it to the scene first 16,000 times last year.
  • They served as backup more than 4,000 times.
In 2011: the year with the most recent stats, helicopters "'assisted' [i.e., provided ground officers with info] in one out of seven felony arrests."
  • The same year, they "recovered 51 stolen vehicles [and] helped ground units recover another 847 stolen vehicles," accounting for a total of six percent of 2011's recovered vehicles.
  • The only research that exists on the program is a JPL study from the late 1960s. It found that there were helicopters had reduced property crimes around USC and in the western Valley.
  • The fleet costs about $20 million a year.
  • "Police officials say one of the helicopters' key assets is the hardest to measure: their deterrent effect."
What a disappointment. So the only research on this issue is from the late 1960s and we can see that the entire excuse for these choppers is based on number correlation and specific observations whose cause is entirely speculated based on unrevealed or hidden greater context. Despite all this, the fleet continues to bleed Los Angeles for no less than tens of millions of dollars annually if not a lot more.

Again, notice that statistically there are no real tangible benefits to Los Angeles residents to have the helicopters fly around all day. Telling us that 1 in 7 felony arrest involved a chopper is very non-specific. That doesn't tell us that the chopper was absolutely needed. Then they toss out the notion of un-quantifiable “deterrence” effect as another reason for the fleet. This is a poor attempt to convince the public that the end justifies the means. How do you prove that? Are there criminals out there who canceled their plans because they thought a helicopter would make it tough? Perhaps some; but, again, no proof -- and more importantly we have to ask ourselves, is arresting a suspect more important than the rights of the people to be free from this degree of annoyance and invasion of privacy? Is it more important than freedom, the constitution and the Bill of Rights? I’m sure there are many who would say yes it is but I say absolutely no it is not. Especially when you have no hard statistics to prove your claims. No hard statistics to prove your claim? Here we go again.

Some observations:

The LAPD is spending tens of millions of dollars $$ on this helicopter program so the next questions are: Where is this money coming from? Why isn’t LAPD concerned about this money spending? And why are the politicians protecting this spending madness?

There are no current significant, relevant and reliable studies to justify this king size fleet.

Respect and consideration for the people (which they claim to ‘serve and protect’) was not even a remote consideration when it came to the decision to build and operate the fleet.

The LAPD knows that public has been fighting the helicopter noise for years yet they knowingly misinform potential candidates to their helicopter flying program.

The helicopter programs serve the globalists and their minions like Dianne Feinstein very well. It opens the door to illegal spying, photographing, listening, scanning, harassment and a lot more.

Speaking of things that are un-quantifiable, how do you quantify the degree of anxiety and/or distraction the choppers cause the majority of the people? Whether you are at work trying to conduct a meeting, a musician trying to practice, a student trying to study for your exams, someone praying, someone writing an article or whomever it may be.

The LAPD Air Support Mission Statement assumes that people are afraid and need protection and peace of mind given to them by police. They claim that this protection and safety needs to be provided in an expeditious manner and the helicopters provide this quick safety. This is a police belief system; a culture of blind claims that must be exposed and hopefully broken. The path of these beliefs goes like this:

Government starts these belief systems with mainstream media coverage (9/11, Post Bin Laden death hoax period - Domestic terror hoax), Television and Hollywood play an important role in fostering these belief systems (24HomelandZero Dark Thirty), and then local police drink the Kool-Aid (i.e. adapt the paradigm fed to them by the media, Hollywood, and politicians) and make mission statements consistent with these lies. Their own statistics prove that the mission statement was based on assumptions and errors. It is difficult but not impossible to fight with a team that is playing well together.

Can we clean up the culture of police belief system? Can voting make a difference? That, so far, has not been the case in Los Angeles. Too much bureaucracy and red tape and a police department that is sometimes more interested in arresting you than listening to what you have to say as a group.

Should we be surprised given that after the Rampant series of scandals from the 1990s the department was indirectly taken over by the department of justice? Well not really but sort of. You see, after this scandal the Department of Justice created a series of rules that the LAPD must follow or be subject to being sued by the feds.

It allowed the insertion of a few stipulations that put the police squarely in the hands of the feds using originally a concept known as a ‘Consent Decree’. Back in the late '90s the DOJ was threatening the LAPD with a civil suit. Here’s some quotes directly from the LAPD site:

Whenever the DOJ has reasonable cause to believe such violations have occurred, they may obtain a court order to eliminate the pattern or practice. 
In making these allegations, the DOJ recognized that the overwhelming majority of Los Angeles police officers perform their difficult jobs in a lawful manner. The City denied the allegations in the DOJ complaint and entered into negotiations with DOJ. However, to avoid potentially divisive and costly litigation and to promote the best available practices and procedures for the Department, the City entered into the Civil Rights Consent Decree.
This ‘consent decree’ evolved by 2001 and was made into LAW.
The Court formally entered the Consent Decree into law on June 15, 2001. In the upcoming month, Department employees can expect to receive Consent Decree-related orders, notices, and training, articulating new operational policies and procedures.
This is one of the ways they created the current bond between the local police and the feds. Considering that police admits that they can be told what to do by the federal government, whose agenda should we logically assume is currently being carried out? Given what we know about the American police state, have they implemented consent decree-like strategies throughout the country? It is helpful to be mindful of how police think and why they do what they do. Only then can we properly address the problems of the growing police state and make officers aware of why they do what they do.

For now, sadly the story of the Los Angeles Police Helicopters goes on as a symbol of our Orwellian society and the growing police state that is here. This police state mentality unfortunately, is spread coast to coast now. The police are the carriers and issuers of the new world order whether the officers realize it or not. More sadly, many Americans will accept their slavery and the noisy helicopters flashing lights on them all night and they will quietly submit without a fight.

Someone once told me how much he actually loved the sound of police helicopters flying over his apartment every night. The person added that without the police helicopters he would have a hard time sleeping. I thought, whether true or not, how symbolic of these end times? With so many still asleep in the matrix, how ironic that some are so accustomed to the police state they need it in order to feel oriented. That tells us a lot about how the mind works and why we probably won’t see a solution in Los Angeles anytime soon. That said, we'll keep pushing for answers and implementation of responsible police spending policy which could some day allow the return of some glimpse of normality to our sky traffic.

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Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.

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