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Saturday, July 6, 2013

New Wave of Mini Robots Has Arrived

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Nicholas West

Beyond the economic debate of whether humans will officially be outsourced to robots -- or not (maybe by 2045) -- there is no question that the military-industrial complex loves the idea of creating robots that can serve the battlefield and beyond. Here are some of their current favorites.

But, just as with drones, the next phase of miniaturized robot tech is offering some insane possibilities. The video below shows a new bot that Singularity Hub defined as "freaky fast" -- like the equivalent of a human running 120 mph.
As Singularity Hub states:
...researchers from the University of Maryland and John Hopkins have constructed a miniature robot with independent drive motors propelling its four whegs, which are hybrid-wheel-legs that offer the best of both. 
The bot can travel up to 30 body lengths a second (2.2 m/s or around 5 MPH). As IEEE Spectrum points out, a human traveling the equivalent relative distance in the same time would be going approximately 120 MPH.

As miniturization continues right down to the nano-scale, as well as bots and drones that mimic nature, it might become increasingly difficult to see what exactly is coming next.


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