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Friday, June 28, 2013

What Does Agenda 21 Have To Do With GMO's And Poisoned Food?

Sam 'I Be' Di Gangi

Many people are starting to read the grim writing upon the wall in terms of Agenda 21, what it has done and HAS been doing to any functional progress. There is a reason that America grew in ways that the world had hardly seen prior and in turn why it is NOT growing in such a way now. There is a reason why "the gilded age" saw riches pouring into the nation as industry boomed and a reason why today the third world has all of that industry as their citizens toil for slave wages.

That reason, in large part, is called Agenda 21, the dreadful path chosen for us by the United Nations, CFR, and ultimately our own leaders. Under Agenda 21, America has lost industry, progress, and employment in numbers never envisioned in our grandparents worst nightmares of losing even WW2! All of this is thankfully becoming more and more understood by more and more people.

So, what does all of this Agenda 21 evil have to do with GMOs and our growing poisoned food supply?

Well as it stands, Agenda 21 espouses the total nonsense that there are too many people on the Earth today, and while we do our best to cull the numbers, the only way to feed everyone in the meantime is to genetically modify our food supply with toxins. (This is seen by many to ALSO be a culling method) Never mind that science has proven that man is not warming the planet or that if every man/woman/child alive today all had the living space of the average New Yorker they could all fit easily into the state of Texas, for these facts simply can be ignored by a population that is as dumbed down as they currently are.

So as we toxify our food sources to feed the masses, what exactly is it that we are ingesting? While the whole globe suffers from the ill effects of Agenda 21 to some degree or another, the United States of America seems to have it the worst in this regard. According to, 80% of prepackaged food that is sold in America is actually banned in other nations. [1]

In that article, you will discover terrible facts regarding things like Olestra that is often put into low fat or fat free foods. Olestra has been linked to MANY gastrointestinal dilemmas and that is why it is banned in both the United Kingdom and Canada. Many popular colas contain brominated vegetable oil that has been made illegal to use in over 100 nations (!) because it has been tied to cancer, autoimmune issues, and just about every other unwanted health scenario that one can think of. However, in America, it is in use, marketed and fed to children and sports fans.

Yellow #5 and #6 that is found in many Kraft products such as Mac and Cheese and is known to lead to cancer, has been linked to a slew of allergies, and is one of the many toxins that we have all been warned about that lurk in our shampoos. Yes, both yellow poisons are used in shampoos and cereal on a regular basis.

Singapore has a 15-year prison sentence and a $500,000 fine awaiting those that use azodicarbonamide in food products, while in America these toxins are used to make yoga mats, is present in our bread products and in our frozen foods. Sure, most of Europe has wisely banned it, but that should not affect anything at all, should it?

Look up how BHA causes awful cancers as Kellogg’s, Post, and Quaker serve it up in each serving of cereal. Look it up, and you may begin to wonder why companies are even using it. There are many other things that also can be used. We know this because these vile companies have managed to find substitutes in other nations where they also do business, so why is the United States different? Many argue that Agenda 21 is set on destroying America's sovereignty and also set on seeing the population begin the aforementioned culling in numbers by killing off Americans in this way. To what degree that this is true can be debated, but the use of things like BHA in the American food supply does certainly lend credence to such views.
In closing, let’s take a closer look at pop. After all, most Americans love their pop, so what is it that we are drinking? Again, GMO's are the biggest part of the problem and this is proven in two ways; 1) most organic stores have sodas of many kinds that are much less problematic than their big name regulars and 2) we did not see these kinds of health issues like diabetes and cancers when sugar was used in place of high fructose corn syrup, which is of course made with corn that often times Monsanto has injected bug sprays into. Today, "mainstream" pop is best avoided or at least relegated to a rare treat.

A recent US Heath article indicates clearly just how bad drinking soda can be for someone when they reported on how a 31-year-young woman had her heartbeat irregular after spending 15 years drinking a couple of two liters a day.[2] Her potassium levels were dangerously low and she almost died like others mentioned in the piece had prior to that. Now some will argue that they do not drink 2 two liters of pop a day to which it can be said, ‘Okay, but this lady was only 31 and if one drinks even one two liter every couple of days and live to see 60 or 65, might the damage not be close to equal at some point’?

It is a sad reality that Agenda 21 is not about a warming planet, a large population, or progress but is rather about taking the power from the people and killing off those who are seen as expendable. Our leaders will use lies, false data, and outright tyranny to meet the evil demands of Agenda 21. To defeat it we must learn what the lies are and we must inform all of those who will listen. To do otherwise is to drink the Kool-Aid....or soda.




Sam is  a member of The Media Speaks ( You can find his work here.

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