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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Stasi Puts Halt on Raw Milk Bill in Nevada

Brad Jordan

Will there be a whistleblower in the FDA?

The FDA, USDA, and the monopolistic dairy processors they prop up rejoiced after a raw milk bill was defeated in Nevada earlier this month. Thanks to Governor Sandoval’s veto June 6, the people of that state will be deprived of one of nature’s most nourishing foods. After receiving overwhelming support, with a 40-0 vote in the House and 17-5 in the Senate, the governor still decided he had to red-light the bill. To understand why this would happen, one must follow 'da money.

All it takes is a little pressure from the bigger big brother (federal government) and most politicians crumble, just like the spineless Sandoval did. The governor said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the American Medical Association (AMA) and his own state health official agreed that Assembly Bill 209 presents “significant public health risks.”

The only problem the bill presents is to the dairy processors, who want a cheap “raw” product to add “value” to (pasteurize) and profit from. Isn’t Nevada the state where prostitution and gambling are legal? This guy is afraid of raw milk, but not all of the diseases caused by casual sexual encounters. He’s not worried about the public’s health. No, he’s worried he might make the FDA mad, or, more importantly, their string pullers.

The agencies that limit your choice

The FDA and AMA are two of the slimiest agencies in government. The AMA – which has looked to cartelize the “health” industry for the last 150 years – doesn’t want people to find out food can be their medicine, because if they did, doctors wouldn’t be in such high demand.

The American Dietetics Association (ADA) – similar to the AMA, only it has a monopoly on nutritional advice, rather than medical advice – muzzled one nutrition blogger, known as the Diabetes Warrior.Steve Cooksey, the warrior himself, was banned from giving nutritional advice even though his diet cured his Type 2 diabetes. His unconventional way of healing his body didn’t sit well with the processed food industry because he claimed those were the foods that were killing him. So the ADA threatened to throw him jail if he didn’t shut his mouth.

Why would they do that, you might be asking? Well, food processors – dairy processors included – don’t want to be cut out of the equation. They want the government to guarantee their jobs as middlemen in the guise of food safety. They own the health boards and regulatory boards, get subsidies from the government, and plan your diet. You don’t decide what to eat. They do, and they don’t want any dissenters saying their food is bad, even if it is.

It’s fascism, plain and simple. Mussolini would be proud. These processors don’t want you or their competition to have freedom of speech, food freedom, or freedom in general. The plutocrats in DC tow the line, happily knowing their coffers will be stuffed with money from Big Food come election time. Your corporate overlords want you to be good tax slaves that do what they say, eat what they tell you, and never question the propaganda they’re spreading.
“Who are these bastards?” you might be asking. Oh, you know, Pepsi, Kellogg’s, Nestle, Dean Foods, etc. Pretty much any big name brand you can think of that’s in the mega-lo-marts of the world today. And these same companies lobby the FDA and other government agencies to keep their food oligarchy going.

Speaking of the FDA, they’re responsible for more than 100,000 deaths per year. That’s right – more than 100,000 people die each year from the pharmaceutical drugs the FDA rubberstamps as “safe.”

So Governor, you’re telling me you trust these agencies to tell the truth about raw milk? The FDA has more hits under their belt than former Iraq president Saddam Hussein and you want me to trust what they say?

Time to step forward

No thanks. Raw milk is a pure, whole, healing food that has been trusted for thousands of years across the globe. When cows spend their lives on sunny pastures, where the grass is bountiful, there’s no need to pasteurize their milk and kill all the beneficial bacteria. It’s been through exhaustive studies and science is on our side. It’s safe, and even if it weren’t, I don’t need the government telling me what I can or cannot eat .As my 21-month-old daughter says, “Nuf is enough.”

We need someone to come forward in these agencies, just like Edward Snowden did in the NSA. We need someone in the FDA with Snowden’s guts and courage to alert the American people to the unholy alliance controlling our food supply.

Sound the alarm! Raise the red flag! Government is the one stealing your liberty. It tells you what to eat, what to read (in government prisons, I mean schools) and now knows when you’re even thinking about something they don’t want you thinking about (envision the NSA watching each word you type and delete as you compose a blog post or email). America is the new Berlin, fitted with a state-of-the-art spying agency that makes the Communist Stasis look like chumps.

Who, in these corrupt, anti-freedom organizations, like the FDA and AMA, is going to step forward and admit they’re part of a fascist cause to undermine the free markets and limit consumer choice?
It’s not about safety, never has been

Forget the idea of “safety” because government couldn’t care less about it. The oh-so-caring FDA approves drugs that have killed more than a million people. It’s not about safety. It’s about control. Government doesn’t want you to find out what parts of your lives they’re controlling though. It just wants you to be good serfs. If you challenge what the plutocrats say, then it’s lock-up time, or you’ll just… disappear.

Just ask Bradley Manning. He exposed the government for murdering innocent people in Iraq. Did he receive a Medal of Honor for bringing this story to the light of day? No, he was thrown in a cage, solitary confinement style. And now Edward Snowden has gone missing in Hong Kong, and farmers are facing jail time for selling milk. I mean what is going on?

Ask James Stewart, from Rawesome Foods, how loving and caring your benevolent government is. Uniformed gang members from America’s mafia kicked in his doors, destroyed his food, and threw him in a cage. For what? Selling real food, that’s what. Oh no, the horror of selling real, nutrient-dense food to people who actually want it.

If someone wants something – especially something good for him – then what the hell is the problem? Purchasing raw milk is a mutually beneficial agreement between two consenting people. Hookers, gambling, and booze are okay? But raw milk is bad. Has the world gone mad? I’m not saying booze and hookers should be illegal, but neither should, as they call it in the underground, “white gold.” I want answers Sandoval!

What about Mark Baker, from Baker’s Green Acres? State officials embargoed him and his farm for selling “feral” swine, even though none of his pigs have ever been found in the wild, which almost brought his way of life to an end. This was done by the hands of Department of Natural Resources, an unelected group of busybody scum that are supposed to be in charge of wildlife, not farm life. The food oligarchs are always looking for ways to supersede the elected representatives. It’s just easier to pay off unelected bureaucrats, who can’t be held responsible for their actions and who stay in power term after term, saweeet.

Or what about Vernon Hershberger, who was recently acquitted by a jury of his peers for selling raw milk illegally? The state wasn’t satisfied with the jury’s decision. They have a thirst for blood and looked to jail him for disobeying an arbitrary holding order from 2010, even after he was acquitted. The state is a sore loser and exacts revenge anyway it can.

Whenever anyone steps forward and breaks the law because it’s morally wrong, someone else, usually from the government, says, it doesn’t matter whether the law is moral, it’s there for our “safety.” Hogwash, I say back to them. It’s an illusion, a false sense of security. They’re not protecting you; they’re protecting themselves and their corporate interests.

If any of the above are guilty of crimes, then so is Rosa Parks. And if that’s the case, America is as far gone as the sheeple who occupy it.

Brad Jordan hosts a podcast called Food Riot Radio. He and his co-host Sara Burrows work to expose how a collusion between government, big agriculture, big pharma and big food has determined what ends up on our plates and offer ideas for how to fight back.

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