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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Never Quit Living Life

Never Quit Living Life

5 months after his stroke and brain bleed, our father Captain Gerard Petroni could not eat, speak or walk. Placing a piece of paper before him, our family asked, if he could write us anything, what would he write. With a struggling hard pressed hand Gerard wrote the words: NEVER QUIT.

Inspired by Capt. Gerard Petroni's passion for Living Life, NEVER QUIT is a powerful and spirited story about Love, Health, Determination and the NEVER QUIT attitude that lives in all of us. Through healthy life choices and a NEVER QUIT attitude, we can overcome all obstacles and achieve our goals.

NEVER QUIT is a story about Love, Health, Determination and the NEVER QUIT attitude that lives in all of us.

We all have a NEVER QUIT story, where we would go the distance, to even lie down our life for a friend. Who will you NEVER QUIT for?

Karina Petroni, Born in the Canal Zone, lets you see a touching slide show on how her parents met, lived an adventure filled life around the world, finally moving to the Panama Canal Zone. Karina was born and grew up in and around the tropical jungles and beaches of Panama but the US Government illegally gives away the Canal Zone and the family moves to Florida, Australia and the South Pacific in the year 2000 where Karina goes on to become a professional surfer. 

On thanksgiving day 2006 Capt. Petroni father almost dies from a stroke & brain hemorrhage, but her family helps their father recover with the help of their fathers amazing never quit attitude. Dad's passion and unending love for his family carries over into the lives of everyone around him.

The journey continues where Capt. Petroni makes a substantial recovery and the family goes on to spread a health message and help the lives of the thousands upon thousands to become active and get checked up so they may avoid a pre mature death. (Gerard passes away from his second stroke and brain bleed days after Christmas 2009)

NEVER QUIT becomes a movement, a movement of all of those who a have a NEVER QuIt attitude, giving life their all and putting others before themselves.

We welcome and thank you for being a part of the NEVER QUIT message, one of the most moving, pivotal and inspiring events that brings us together as one.

Join us and share your NEVER QUIT message for those that you would give your everything for.
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