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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Free & Equal Challenges Two Party Duopoly Again

Free & Equal Elections to advocate free and open elections at "Voice of the People" Valentine's Day Meet & Greet at Arkansas State Capital Rotunda

    Little Rock, Arkansas (PRWEB) February 13, 2013

    Free & Equal's Arkansas State Leadership Caucus, a non-partisan group working for fair and open elections in Arkansas, will meet with Arkansas citizens, legislators, and the local media at the “Voice of the People” Valentine’s Day meet and greet at the Capitol Rotunda on Thursday, Feb 14 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
    "The Voice of the People event is the perfect venue to inform Arkansas citizens, State Legislators, local activists and over 30 independent grassroots organizations about the benefits of an electoral process that promotes more voices and more choices for Arkansas,” said Mark Daniels of Little Rock, Free & Equal's State Leadership Coordinator.
    "The two-party system offers little in the way of new solutions to the problems of crushing national debit, endless wars, unemployment and more," said Daniels. "The time has come to give independent and 3rd party candidates, whose voices have been mostly muffled by the political establishment wider exposure and the opportunity to share their solutions without prior political restraint."
    Free & Equal Arkansas invites anyone who wants to be a part of this movement to join and meet the Free Equal team at the "Voice of the People" Valentine's Day Meet & Greet and the upcoming United We Stand Free & Equal Festival in the Spring of 2013 which will feature honest leaders, musicians, celebrities, comedians, and authors of the movement to return power to the individual voter, find new solutions, and introduce a new era in American politics.
    About Free & Equal
    The State Leadership Caucus is a local point of contact for Arkansans. Nationally, the Free & Equal Elections Foundation is the non-profit foundation responsible for the 2012 Third Party Presidential Debate moderated by Larry King. Free & Equal’s mission is to ensure free, open and fair elections by empowering third parties, activists and independents. We work to break the stranglehold of the two-party system and add other voices—and solutions—to the debate as well as reform federal, state and local elections by making it easier for candidates to get on ballots and ensure all ballot-qualified candidates are included. By bringing together Independents, activists, and honest media, Free & Equal is the beginning of a true grassroots movement to return power to the individual voters.
    For more information contact:
    Jessica Paxton
    Greg Deckelman
    National Media Contact:
    Kate Davidson, Director of Communications

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