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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Global Political Awakening: the Threat to the Global Elite and our Hope for the Future

Sabine Kurjo McNeill
English: Network diagram showing interlocks between various U.S. corporations and institutions and the Council on Foreign Relations, in 2004 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It’s been a while since global strategist Zbigniew Brzesinski expressed his fear of ‘global political awakening‘ at a meeting of the Council of Foreign Relations:
No matter where you go, politics is a matter of social engagement.
Mankind is now politically awake.
… history of colonialism and imperialism…
Hence we are preparing a meeting in the House of Commons to “Mind the Gaps: between Online and Mainstream Media, Government and Public” – on Tuesday, Jan. 15th – as the Association of McKenzie Friends acting as ‘Public Interest Advocates’.
Seven panelists will present Seven Deadly Syndromes and Seven Media Cover-Ups for questions and answers by, hopefully, many Parliamentarians.
Please RSVP sabine AT for further details, if you’d like to attend.
If you want to be part of the wake up call, please
Ask yourself questions about this distraction, deception & distortion, beautifully exposed in the UK by The Slog. The author John Ward appeals to the blogosphere to be in opposition to all things Bollocks, as he concludes:
Distortion & deception are the objective, distraction is the catalyst.
Unique in the UK, judges in the secret family courts keep trying to get away with the appearance of lawfulness, while parents express their anger - also in The Guardian – over child snatching which is organised by the State – either for the sex urges of paedophiles, or for money or both…
It’s time to wake up. More and more. With deeper and deeper insights, processing one shock after another…
We can only hope that, together, we will make the difference that is required. One person at a time.
May the Spirit of Christmas help us along, us:
  • as victims of white collar crimes 
  • who have turned into starfighters to stand our ground
  • who are helping each other as McKenzie Friends
and have
  • been visiting this site over 180,000 times since its beginning in August 2010
  • over 23,000 times in November 2012
  • and produced 3,890 comments.
May our virtual community be as effective as necessary in real life!
Meanwhile, here are a number of e-petitions that you can sign about the subject:
and here is a model abuse survivor describing what’s happening in US Family Courts: more of the same unfortunately…
Onwards and upwards – against all the odds!

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