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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Nicaragua: ‘Netanyahu Appears To Be Possessed By The Devil’, Bolivia: ‘Israel A Terrorist State’

The Pontiac Tribune

Last night more than 100 Palestinians were killed during an Israeli military offensive on Gaza. This brings the death toll on the Palestinian side to a shocking 1,600+ since July 8th, the majority of which have been innocent civilians caught in the middle of war zone.
Israel’s bombardment of Gaza.
They do not support Hamas, nor Israel… They’re just guilty of wanting to live peacefully in their own homes.

The Israeli military has lost the lives of 60 soldiers during their ground invasion into Gaza. Only two civilian have died. Yup, one of the largest and most powerful military forces in the world has killed over 1,600 people while suffering just 62 casualties.

This is the definition of genocide.
Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega believes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may be possessed by the devil himself.

Prime Minister Netanyahu appears to be possessed by the devil, he needs Pope Francis to exorcise it, to become appeased. Why doesn’t anyone condemn or sanction the state of Israel? Israel is committing genocide in the Gaza Strip, a crime so terrible that it is only comparable to the crimes of the Nazis,” Ortega was quoted by Globovision as saying.

I’m not the religious type, but I have to say… President Ortega might be on to something here.

Around the world the devil has represented evil for thousands of years.
In my opinion, demonic possession is a real phenomena… Something which the human race has yet to understand or even begun to be able to explain.
Does that mean I believe an evil spirit is controlling Prime Minister Netanyahu’s actions? Not exactly.
Do I believe Netanyahu is demonstrating the same characteristics as past leaders, such as Hitler, who were corrupted to the core and committed war crimes against civilian populations without feeling a shred of guilt? Yes.
Can Israel’s actions be interrupted as ‘evil’? Yes.
Israel’s leaders have lost touch with reality. They seem to believe the entire world is lying to make Israel look bad, guilty of siding with the ‘terrorists’ in some sort of global conspiracy against Jews. It would be accurate to describe the regime as schizophrenic sociopaths.
The mainstream media has made it a habit to accuse Russian President Vladimir Putin of  being delusional, aggressive and dangerous… Yet he’s not the one giving orders to his military to murder thousands of civilians and attempting to justify it. Crimea’s referendum actually saved the lives of civilians, who would have surely experienced casualties from attacks by Ukraine’s military like the rest of eastern Ukraine.
Who is more out of touch with reality, Putin or Netanyahu? I don’t think there is even a debate to be had. My only question is… Where are the sanctions against Israel for their ‘aggressive’ and ‘dangerous’ actions?
Bolivian President Evo Morales has declared Israel a terrorist state because of their war of aggression on Gaza.
Israel does not respect the principles or purposes of the United Nations charter nor the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” said Morales.
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan says Israel is demonstrating ‘Hitler-like fascism.
What is the difference between Israeli actions and those of the Nazis and Hitler? How can you explain what the Israeli state has been doing in Gaza, Palestine, if not genocide? This is racism. This is fascism. This is keeping Hitler’s spirit alive,” Erdogan told an audience on Thursday.
Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro condemned “a war of extermination that has lasted nearly a century” against the Palestinian people.
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff described Israeli’s military operation as a massacre. They have recalled their ambassadors to Israel.
Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador and Peru have done the same... Even Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah is labeling Israel’s actions as a war crime.
Blood and and discarded belongings are left behind at a UN school in Northern Gaza.
Blood and and discarded belongings are left behind at a UN school in Northern Gaza.
What kind of reaction was Israel expecting from the world when they decided to shell a U.N. school not once, but six times, killing several dozen U.N. staff members and Palestinian women and children, who were simply seeking medical aid and shelter from the bombardment?
In the following video,  a spokesman for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency breaks down crying during an interview on Al Jazeera.

This is how any healthy human being reacts to genocide.
The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, accuses Israel of attacking  homes, schools and hospitals… This is a direct violation of the Geneva Convention.
I say we cannot allow impunity, we cannot allow this lack of accountability to go on,” said Navi Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.
She believes Israel is deliberately defying international law and that the U.N. should hold the regime accountable for the war crimes they have committed.
I’m sure you know about the billions of dollars in foreign aid the U.S. provides Israel, but did you know that, right now, there are more than 1,100 Americans fighting alongside the Israeli army? It is also estimated that over 100 Brits are currently fighting for Israel.
This is no less concerning then those who have signed up to fight alongside the Syrian jihadists and ISIS to establish an Islamic caliphate in their war against Iraq and Syria.
Of course, if you speak up publicly about Israel’s war crimes, you’ll quickly be labeled a hater of the Jewish people… Not the government of Israel and their actions in Gaza, but the entire religion. It’s automatically assumed that you literally hate anyone who practices Judaism.
You might even be accused of denying the Holocaust.
The world cannot allow the Israeli regime to continue labeling any criticism of their policy as being ‘anti-Semitic’. According to Holocaust survivor Hajo Myer, this is carefully designed trick…

Any criticism of the policies of Israel is hampered and made impossible by a terrible trick and crime of Israeli propaganda: that any criticism of the politics of Israel comes out – is induced by – anti-semitic feelings,” said Myer.
To this day, the Israeli government continues to use the deaths of millions of Jews to justify the deaths of thousands of Palestinians. Talk about ‘out of touch with reality’… The blood of over a thousand innocent Palestinian women and children is on their hands since July 8th.
Even former Israeli minister Shulamit Aloni agrees:

It’s a trick… we always use it,” Aloni told Democracy Now.
Will Pope Francis listen to Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega’s request? I doubt it, but it should be noted that Pope Francis gave the Palestinians an unprecedented boost of support earlier this year.
Palestinian officials hailed the Pope’s decision to refer to the “state of Palestine“. It is true he told a group of Palestinian children that, “I am with you,” during his trip to Palestine.
It’ll be interesting to see what kind of statements will be coming from the Vatican in the coming weeks regarding the Israel/Gaza conflict. Even if you’re like me and not the religious-type, this is something I would be heavily supporting.
As we witnessed last year with Pope Benedict’s sudden resignation, much of the world is still obsessed with the Bishop of Rome and anything he says or does will make headlines across the world.
My thoughts will be with the innocent civilians. Let us all have a moment of silence for the victims of this conflict and do our best to collectively manifest a solution to the madness.
We cannot allow the United States to veto the next U.N. resolution against Israel.

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