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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Uruguay Marijuana Legalization Approved in House of Representatives

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According to the El Observador, Uruguay's Lower House of Representatives voted to approve a marijuana legalization bill to include regulation for its sale in pharmacies and personal cultivation of the plant.

The House of Representatives approved the regulation of the marijuana market, which can enable its sale in pharmacies and legalize self-cultivation... 
...Today, with the bars of the House of Representatives filled with activists for the legalization of marijuana, the government will seek to turn a page.
The reporting member, Sebastian Sabini (MPP), said the bill "seeks to solve the problem of access and insurance mechanisms for users."

"Countries that tested regulations show no increase in consumption and we raised it is one of the most common arguments," said the legislator as a group of schoolchildren watching from the bars. He added that Uruguay "will not freely sell cannabis" but will "establish limitations on their purchase." 

Opinion polls seem to show a majority of the population oppose the measure fearing that it will not reduce drug related problems. If the Upper House approves the measure, Uruguay will become the first nation to legalize marijuana use nationwide. Uruguay's president José Mujica has long supported the legalization effort.

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