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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Washington State Activists Uniting to Oppose Homan Square and Police State

Cassius Methyl

On the weekend of March 21st and 22nd, protests are planned in Washington State to raise awareness of the Chicago police department’s secret interrogation/torture/incarceration facility known as Homan Square. Perhaps most importantly, this protest is designed to be an opportunity for  people to unite over the entire situation with American police and government.

Homan Square victims include protesters, minorities, and a wide range of people specifically targeted by police for their own personal reasons.

An article from The Anti Media on the victims of Homan Square went viral about a week and a half ago. The article rose to the front page of Reddit in the heat of the Homan Square revelations, and online brought people together of all backgrounds with common concern. It said,
Another black man named Deandre Hutcherson was shackled in the same vulnerable position, and he said he was punched in the face, and stomped in the genitals “like he [the cop] was putting a cigarette out” “They got kennels – like, for people,” Terry also told The Guardian. “I didn’t really want to believe that, but it is the truth.” “I never saw anyone, but I know something else is going on. You don’t want to be in that kind of situation, so you gotta be quiet about it, so you don’t go down that route.”  Terry continued.
It’s so intense it sounds unbelievable; but if you know about the situation with police in America and you’ve been keeping up with it, it’s probably not a surprise.

A lot of activists are wondering what can we actually do that will be effective to set society on a different course and stop the police from doing this. People are wondering how to stop the government from creating laws that incentivize police to behave this way and how to stop the militarizing police.

At this point, activists generally realize we need to start coming up with solutions.

The Facebook Event Link is Here. Invite absolutely everyone; this protest/gathering and call to unite will not be in vain.

Residents of Washington have broken records with protesting and willpower to actually show up and try to do something to change this situation we’re in.

In Olympia, Washington recently held the largest felony protest in American history.

Hundreds of people stood up for the lives of innocent people killed by police in your state just last month.
I write this article to ask all activists in Seattle, Olympia, and Washington State, to come together for one common cause: unite under the common denominator of wanting a free, peaceful, and prosperous society. A society where police do not kill innocent people, torture people in a warehouse in Chicago, or arrest people for victimless crimes.

Despite our philosophical differences as activists, we have one strong common denominator: the will to better society and actually have basic rights, the will to not be a victim of government and corporations. We all have will to actually stand up.

Your state was extremely active during the Ferguson Era. Would it not mean defeat or at least a step backward, an unnecessarily long hiatus, if you did not continue your efforts into this year as the police continue their practices of trampling basic human rights?

We cannot let the momentum of last year die out; at the same time we can’t allow for any protest to get violent or allow tensions to escalate, or the US Government will utilize the opportunity to crack down on us harder with the militarized police state.

This is a call to unite; and once we all unite, then we can come up with solutions. There must be unity first.

So at 4th and Pike in downtown Seattle near the bus stop that leads towards Capitol Hill and The U District, all the way down the block to 1st and Pike at Pike Place, show up and unite.

At the capitol in Olympia on Saturday, from the grassy area near the water where families go for walks to a strategic location at the Capitol,  show up and unite.

Do whatever you feel will unite your people and enable you to actually do something about the entire situation with the government; let's have a say in the path society is on.

While you all unite in Washington, another large movement will take place right at Homan Square in Chicago. More protests may take place nationwide on the same day.

Most importantly an ideological revolution that really started to kick off around 2011 is reaching a point of recognition; a vitally important milestone. After a point of silent reflection following the awakening of revolutionary energy last year, a several month long ‘new moon’, we are at this point where it’s time to do something.

Homan Square is the issue we can all agree and unite upon; the very least you can do is show up.

At the very least, you will show the average people of Seattle and Olympia what is going on. At least you will force mainstream media to cover the protest and the alternative media will make the protest known globally.

Once more, the Facebook Event Link is Here.

Cassius Methyl writes for, where this first appeared. Tune-in to The Anti-Media radio show Monday-Friday @ 11pm EST, 8pm PST.

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