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Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Words That Enslave Us

Our entire legal system is underpinned by Maritime or Admiralty Law, that very few people are even aware of and is guarded by the highest levels of our legal system. It is a great trick of deception that has been played on most of humanity, keeping us entangled in a web of confusion about who we really are and our rights as living breathing human beings, while we are literally treated as numbers by our so-called authorities. 

This is a deeply convoluted system that has been evolving for thousands of years. It has nothing to do with justice for the people but everything to do with the control over human beings who are all sovereign and have inalienable rights that they do not know about. It’s about keeping us ignorant so that we can continue to be treated like cargo and possessions.

Most of us are filled with utter shock and disbelief when we first stumble upon this information and many people choose to simply reject it as utter nonsense. I urge you to read this carefully and then do your own research to verify what you find. Share this with everyone you know, because we can only free ourselves from the unlawful control of our people by becoming informed. 

Knowledge is power. Let us use this knowledge to free ourselves from the unlawful oppression and financial tyranny imposed on the people by a small number of individuals. Read more

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