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Monday, August 18, 2014

KKK Arrives In Ferguson to Support Their ‘Hero’ Cop Who Shot Brown, Hate Heats Up

by Amanda Shea

Al  Sharpton isn’t the only race baiter to descend on Ferguson to take advantage of the tangle of tear gas, tanks, and snarling police dogs — the Ku Klux Klan is seizing the opportunity to spread their hate and ignorance in this hotbed of racial tension over the shooting death of black teenager Michael Brown.

After the identity of the officer who shot Brown was released, the Klan rushed to rally around Officer Darren Wilson to raise reward money for this cop at the center of the shooting controversy, whereas the Klan’s counterparts are out for his blood. Wilson is being championed a ‘hero’ among the white supremacists for having shot the black teen and are calling for cops like that, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC).
“We are setting up a reward/fund for the police officer who shot this thug,” the South Carolina-based Klan group stated in an email. “He is a hero! We need more white cops who are anti-Zog and willing to put Jewish controlled black thugs in their place. Most cops are cowards and do nothing while 90% of interracial crime is black (and non-white) on white.”
On their website, the New Empire Knights of the KKK who are responsible for raising the funds, are asking for donations of $10 and above for “the cop who did his job against the negro criminal”.

Wilson has reportedly fled the state in the days before the release of his name and has not spoken to any media outlet for obvious safety reason, especially in regards to addressing his thoughts on garnering the KKK’s support. Share your opinion on this group’s support in the comments.
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Author: AmandaShea

Amanda Shea is a Libertarian journalist who believes in our country, freedoms, and the pursuit of happiness.

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