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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How to Turn Your Vehicle Into a Statement of Tech Activism Against the Police State

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John Galt

There is clearly no respect for the Fourth Amendment right to probable cause before being interrogated and searched, as many videos on YouTube will confirm. There is also an indisputable trend toward the militarization of police with armored vehicles and an array of exotic battlefield weaponry.  Couple this with new training that we are all "civilians" who could be the next lone wolf domestic terrorists, and we are sliding very fast toward a vicious form of tyranny. Even if you are unarmed, trapped in your vehicle, you are a suspected threat to "officer safety" as you can see in this video. Or if you are already subdued and screaming while being beaten, you are of course "resisting arrest."

It often takes creativity to overcome tyranny, especially when tyranny is out in the open and proud of its behavior. Perhaps the best proof of conditions in the U.S. is indicated by the increasing number of ways that entrepreneurial freedom-loving individuals are asserting themselves, such as developing a drone detector, a way to disable facial recognition cameras, ways to be anonymous online, or ways to opt out of the surveillance banking system, just to name a few. The maxim that necessity is the mother of invention certainly applies.

For freedom on the road, enter the "Spy Car." The line of defense illustrated below might seem over the top to some people, but then isn't the police state over the top with the measures they have taken? And that system makes money from harming and extorting the innocent, as former good officers have documented. Do you have any other innovative ideas to take direct action against the police state without resorting to violence or calls to your congressman?  Put your tech solutions into the marketplace now and see if peace sells. 

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