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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bizarre Confrontation With Toledo Cop Caught on Video

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Amanda Warren

An incident with one policeman in Toledo, Ohio escalated over the weekend and was caught on film in Washington Township, Lucas County. Already chaotic, the scene gets more heated as more angry words and swearing are interchanged; and finally, after a few minutes, other bystanders start appearing.

According to the description, the couple in question, who are flat face forward on the road with their hands behind their backs in cuffs, wound up there after asking the officer to move his car because it was blocking their driveway. He had apparently parked there while ticketing another person.

[Language Warning]


"This is not Toledo - Buddy!" and "Shut-up!" can be heard from the officer pointing a weapon at their heads. According to a witness calling for backup, it looked like he was about to taze one of them.

Previously,  the recorder suggests "call a different cop." When they do reach Toledo police to "help an officer in distress," this frustrates the officer because he keeps saying it's not Toledo - the address given is in Toledo. Washington Township is in and around Toledo and has a Toledo address - if Toledo police cannot be called in this instance, who can? Apparently, more were on the way.

He puts the boy's hands behind his back and says, "Who are you?" "I'm his son." He points in his face and says, "When the police tell you not to do something - that's who you listen to! ... I told you to get out of the truck!" He mentions a couple of times, "You do not approach a police officer..." but trails off.
The woman screaming alleged that the officer had thrown them down to the ground and smashed her phone. He forces her to get up and stand behind the tailgate of the truck with her arms wrenched up behind her back. He orders her to sit on the tailgate: "Sit your ass on the tailgate! Sit! Sit up there!"

The man in the black shirt, now under arrest asks for phone help, mentioning two young children still in the truck. The officer yells at the male witness and tosses his phone down. "Go! Get out! Go! I don't need you people - Go!" When a bystander asked, "What's you sayin' is you don't need witnesses?" The officer(?) responded, "It's all on camera anyway, it don't matter."

Mission statement of Washington Township police:

The Washington Township Police Department, in partnership with our community, is dedicated to preserving the peace and quality of life in Washington Township.
The couple recording didn't seem too affected, however, and placed the video in YouTube's comedycategory. If this were you and your family - how would you best handle the situation?

A call to the police station returned no response. A currently unanswered email to the station for more information is pending - updates will be provided if there is a response.

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