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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Introducing "Drone Patrol" Website and Apps

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Activist Post

There’s a new trend in surveillance and that trend involves drones in our skies. Many have seen them, but most don’t report them. Why not? It’s because until recently, there has been nowhere to report these sightings. The FBI recently admitted to using drones to spy on US citizens. Are you one of them?

Have a drone sighting?

The Sleuth Journal, in association with Staticwave Studio has just launched a new site called Drone Patrol where you can report drone sightings and read others’ encounters of their sightings. Like the MUFON for drones, it allows you to add images, video and location, as well as details of your sighting. You can also access the site by clicking on “drone patrol” at the top of our main site.

Drone Patrol is the only site of its kind, so please help us spread awareness. Tell your friends and family to join in so we can build a data-set and map out where these sightings are witnessed. This data set will allow our team to share this important information with you - our visitors - so that you can find out more about what the government is doing in a town near you.

If you’re interested in keeping up to date with all drone activity, you can also go to the Drone Patrol Facebook page and read about drone articles, talk to others who have witnessed these aerial intruders, as well as check on updates. Please visit and “Like.”

You can also get the Drone Patrol Mobile Apps:


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