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Thursday, July 25, 2013

WARNING: Prominent Activists Being Framed With Child Porn

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Activist Post

A disturbing trend is unfolding where some entity is attempting to frame prominent anti-establishment activists and alternative media organizations with child pornography.

These activists are being sent emails with malicious attachments containing images of child porn in a seeming attempt to discredit them or set them up for arrest.

Two weeks ago Luke Rudkowski of was sent an email from a @tormail domain with attachments containing child porn.

Rudkowski communicated more with his attacker who warned "We plan to not just set you up with child porn but every alternative media founder and master on the planet."

Rudkowski's attacker has apparently made good on this threat. Two more prominent liberty activists have now been targeted using the same tactic.

Stewart Rhodes from Oathkeepers and Dan Johnson from People Against the NDAA discuss a recent attempted set-up. As they document with their Internet security tech, this was a more sophisticated attempt to install child porn than the attempt made a short while ago against Luke Rudkowski.

It's a warning to all activists to be extra vigilant as the establishment attempts to discredit, and apparently imprison, those who seek to tell the truth.

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