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Saturday, July 27, 2013

How to Buy Weed Online in 3 Easy Steps

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Eric Blair

The risk of being thrown in a cage for possessing a relatively benign plant forces responsible pot smokers to rely on shady drug dealers to get weed.  Not anymore.

With two states, Colorado and Washington, legalizing cannabis for recreational use, more civilized ways to get weed are finally emerging.  However, the federal government proved this week that they will continue to fight a war against weed by raiding legal marijuana dispensaries in Washington.

The government is good at fighting wars, but they've proven to be completely inept at stopping Internet sales of illegal drugs.  Virtual black markets have now been thwarting the government for more than two years despite efforts to shut them down.

Screenshot of Silk Road Cannabis Items

The Silk Road marketplace has been referred to as the eBay for illegal drugs. It is living proof that the government cannot snoop or stop all online activity.

US Senator Charles Schumer asked federal agencies to shut down the Silk Road two years ago last month. However, authorities haven't been able to close the domain because it is hosted as a hidden service on the Tor network, and sales are conducted in the encrypted digital currency Bitcoin.

The only possible way the government can penetrate Silk Road is by posing as vendors in an attempt to entrap buyers. Yet this is impractical for several reasons. 

Besides the cryptography challenges, it takes massive human resources for the government to entrap buyers on Silk Road because they have a very stringent user-rating system that would quickly expose a government operation. And, are they really going to go through all that effort to catch casual drug users?

It is surprisingly efficient and safe to buy weed on Silk Road, delivered right to your mailbox. Sellers are professionals, marijuana is triple or quadruple vacuum sealed, and the system automatically destroys mailing addresses immediately after the transaction is confirmed.

I can personally confirm that it works without a hitch. 

Here are the 3 simple steps you need to complete an order:

1. Tor Browser: First, you need to get Tor which is a free open-source browser with encryption and anonymity built into it.  Unlike Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox, Tor automatically hides your IP (Internet Protocol) address with layered routing through virtual tunnels and doesn't record any of your activity.  Installing the Tor bundle takes 30 seconds and is well worth having for other privacy reasons. Download Tor here.

2. Bitcoin: Next, you'll need to get some Bitcoin, the decentralized anonymous digital currency described in the video below:

To get bitcoins, you'll first need to get a Bitcoin wallet.  You can either get a personal wallet client for your computer or mobile device, a cloud wallet, or a paper wallet.  Paper wallets are the most anonymous way to hold bitcoin.

Next you need to buy some bitcoins.  The easiest and fastest way to get bitcoin is through Coinbase or CoinMama.

3. Silk Road: Finally, you must register and fund your account at Silk Road. Open your Tor browser and enter this url: http://silkroadvb5piz3r.onion/silkroad/home 

Registering an account requires two passwords: a passphrase and a PIN.  You'll need both of them to make a purchase, and it's vital that you keep them in a safe place because there is no password recovery mechanism since you never give Silk Road your email address.

Before you can buy anything you must fund your account with Bitcoin.  Click on "account" and Silk Road will issue a Bitcoin address for deposits.  Once your account is funded, buying a product is fairly straightforward.  However, there are a couple of things you should know. 

Most sellers prefer that you use the registered name on your mailing address to avoid post office mistakes. Or, you can use a fake name and "care of" the actual name which belongs to the mailing address. Don't worry, though, all mailing addresses are deleted from the system the instant the transaction is confirmed.

Another thing you should know is to choose vendors that have a strong seller rating and long history of sales.  Silk Road requires all buyers give feedback about every transaction to ensure credibility for legit vendors.

Finally, make sure the vendor delivers to your area.  Most sellers use the good ol' US Postal Service, but international vendors also exist on Silk Road.

The typical order takes about 4-5 business days to arrive at your home.

Good luck! Keep it lit and pass it on.

Read more by Eric Blair here.

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