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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Holey Toledo - Two Dangerous Sinkholes in One Month

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Amanda Warren

Something strange is befalling Toledo, Ohio. Actually, people are literally falling into Toledo.

In early July, on the 3rd, Pamela Knox age 60 was driving on Detroit Ave. and Bancroft in downtown Toledo when she noticed the road before her caving in. The car in front of her just barely made it over the growing chasm but there was no time for her before she found herself 10 feet below the road in a 15ft wide hole. Parts of the road fell onto her car, water spewed out from a broken line.

You may be familiar with the footage above because it made national news. The incident was blamed on an outdated sewer line below the road that may have washed away the foundation. That doesn't, however, explain why there was a second sinkhole nearby in the same month. 

Just a week later, Karen Cox fell into a 5-feet deep, 3-feet wide sinkhole outside her home, between the sidewalk and street. It was on the Eastside of Toledo and she was walking to her car when she simply sank in. She was taken to a nearby hospital with a foot injury. No word on how the sinkhole appeared. Fortunately, the injuries and damages were relatively minor compared to the tragic incident in Florida where Jefferey Bush disappeared forever. 

As strange as it is that two sinkholes should open up in the same town in the same month - stranger still, sinkholes are swallowing things everywhere lately like some 5th Dimensional portal in The Twilight Zone. What are we to make of it all - why so many all of a sudden? Weather changes and human habits are implicated, but have those not been in place for hundreds of years now? Do we risk sounding like tinfoil hat wearers by looking into government testing techniques (everyone likes to look to HAARP activities) - is Rome falling - or is the earth ripping apart at the seams in Biblical proportions? 

The Toledo Blade 

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