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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

FEMA Pushes Prepping for Pets and Disabled

Message from FEMA: "Prepare as if nobody is coming to rescue you" and "microchip your pets".
Activist Post

FEMA just released two new videos encouraging pet owners and the disabled to prepare for disasters. FEMA refers to them as "Preparing Makes Sense" instructional videos.

The YouTube description for the Preparing Makes Sense for Pet Owners video reads, "A unique instructional video containing information for pet owners and suggestions for proactive pet emergency preparedness."

One of FEMA's strong recommendations for prepping with pets is to microchip them.

"Microchipping is a particularly effective way to identify pets separated from their owners in an emergency," Jordan Crump of the Humane Society claims in the video.

"Getting your pet microchipped is really crucial to keeping them safe in a disaster situation," Crump emphasized.

Watch the pet prepping video below:

Preparing Makes Sense for People with Disabilities and Other Access and Functional Needs is a more in depth production with more specifics for preppers.

FEMA's Marcie Roth tells viewers "you need to prepare as if you're not going to have any of the resources that you typically depend on."

Richard Devylder of the US Department of Transportation advises, "Prepare is if nobody is coming to rescue you."

Watch the video below:

Both of these videos actually contain some very useful information for beginning preppers.

But it seems odd that one federal agency would encourage prepping when other federal agencies deem it an act of potential terrorists.

What's more, Obama has expressed the position that "hoarding" will not be tolerated during national emergencies (which we've officially been in since 9/11).

So what are we to make of these videos?

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