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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

FBI Sets Up Small Pot Dealer for Access to Libertarian Political Group

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In 2012 Rich Paul – a longtime proponent of marijuana legalization – was kidnapped and caged by employees of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, NH Drug Task Force, and Keene Police Department. Paul admitted to several sales of several ounces of marijuana – and sought jury nullification. He was candid because he knew he hadn’t wronged anyone. His actions had caused no victim.

Yet, as if to showcase the injustice provided by the “justice system” in 2013 Rich Paul was sentenced to 12-months in the “House of Corrections” after which he’ll have three-years of probation as well as a 1 1/2 – 3-year prison sentence suspended for six-years. With time already served and less the “good behavior” time, he should be out in early 2014.

It’s curious that during trial, no employee of the FBI or NH DTF would admit to establishing their working relationship on this case. What came to light was that the FBI supplied the money and undercover surveillance equipment used, including that worn by Richie Dupont – a heroin-seller-turned-wire-wearer.

It seems clear that, based on how this came-together, as well as previous attempts by FBI employee Phil Christiana, that Rich Paul was targeted in an attempt to obtain more information about those active with the broad liberty movement in New Hampshire. In short, Rich Paul is a political prisoner.

Here's his speech at the sentencing hearing:

Become familiar with Rich Paul’s situation and see what conclusion you reach. We can together make a positive difference.

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