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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Report from trial by Bradley Manning Support Network staff livestreamed tomorrow, Sunday

Activist Post

Who is Bradley Manning and what did he do? Can he use a whistleblower defense? What does it mean that he’s being charged with “Aiding the Enemy”? What was in the documents revealed? Was he following directions from WikiLeaks? How does Edward Snowden’s case relate to that of Bradley Manning? Why should you attend the proceedings at Ft. Meade, MD?

Tomorrow, Sunday, June 23 Court Reporter Nathan Fuller and Campaign Organizer Emma Cape will give the answer to these questions and more at DC’s Busboys and Poets (5th &K location) from 5- 6:30 pm Eastern Time!

The Bradley Manning Support Network staff have attended every day of Bradley’s trial thus far and are prepared to discuss details of the ongoing court martial proceedings which began June 3rd. Both PFC Manning’s defense attorney and the prosecution summarized their arguments in the first week of the trial. In weeks 2 & 3, the discussion focused on forensics experts and evidence.

This event will be livestreamed online for those unable to attend in-person

Activist Post Chronicle of Manning's Trial with Daily Reports From Nathan Fuller Here:

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