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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Drawing The Line! 

Have you taken on the freedom philosophy, the American dream as your own?


I want to inspire you to follow your personal dream. I want to inspire you to help realize the American Dream! I believe in the freedom philosophy cherished by our Founders. Morally bankrupt laws block us from fulfilling the American Dream. Morally bankrupt policies keep world citizens from realizing their dreams of freedom. In order to make our freedom dreams reality our actions and desires have to be in harmony or aligned with and supported by the Holy Spirit or cosmic intelligence and cosmic law.

Unjust laws lead to a prevalent disrespect for all law. Unjust laws make folks feel justified in breaking other laws. Celebrate the blessing of intuitive guidance. Let it stream to you like the warming rays of the sun, flow to you like cleansing waters of crystal clear persuasion. Let the Spirit move you!

Many leaders are outright servants of tyranny; good at ignoring the rule of law, history and science while catering to the needs of special interests but awful bad at determining what is best or safer for the individual or society.

Psychopathic personalities are draw to positions of power. Psychopathic government officials, bankers, police, doctors, dentists, etc. are predatory capitalists and believe they know what is best for us and willingly support a complex web of cultural barriers that reinforce our disengagement from working together, toward the Founder's Dream of self-government. They deliberately prevaricate, lie, intimidate and bore us into submission to what best increases their wealth and power. They sell it as what is best for our safety, health and well being when it is often the exact opposite.

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