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Friday, June 7, 2013

British MP slams Bilderberg meeting: ‘We’re all kept out and that cannot be right’

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Madison Ruppert

One British MP has already come out against the 2013 Bilderberg Group meeting in Watford, Herfordshire, England, saying it is an affront to the British government’s claims to be committed to more transparency.

This year’s meeting will reportedly focus on the Middle East, Africa, cyberwarfare and more with participantsincluding Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt,Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, Henry Kissinger, European Commission President José M. Durão Barroso among other major corporate figures, major figures in banking, media, government, defense and more.

British Labor MP Michael Meacher was heavily quoted by Sky News as an official who is critical of the “closely guarded secrecy” of the Bilderberg meeting.

“This is the most important gathering of the most powerful people in Western capitalism that there is,” Meacher said.

Indeed, attendees in the financial realm alone include executives from Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank AG, Barclays plc, TD Bank Group, HSBC Holdings plc, Swiss National Bank, Prudential plc, De Nederlandsche Bank, the International Monetary Fund and many more.

Even the massive number of powerful individuals on the publicly issued list doesn’t include others who may turn up “just for the day,” according to the Telegraph.

One British paper, the London Evening Standard, reports that President Barack Obama might even be attending, although the source is sketchy, to say the least.

“And as far as I know there will be no statement in the House following it saying what happened and how it might affect government policy,” Meacher said of the meeting. “This is totally in contradiction to the Government’s commitment to have greater transparency.”

The security surrounding this year’s conference is quite tight with Watford residents “being forced to show passports, driving licenses or other ID at police checkpoints,” according to Sky News.

Journalists and protesters have been placed in what Sky calls “a pen” inside the grounds but behind a steel fence around a half mile away from the Grove Hotel where the participants are meeting.

While much of the mainstream media denounces so-called conspiracy theories about the Bilderberg meetings, the Telegraph recognizes the role of the meetings in some of the most major events in recent history.
Indeed, it’s hard to imagine that so many of the world’s most influential and powerful individuals from all sectors of society would take time out of their busy schedules to meet and get nothing accomplished.

“I found it the most useful of all the meetings I attended regularly. The Bilderberg was the best because the level of the people attending regularly was so much higher,” said Lord Healey, a major figure in the British government for decades.

According to the Telegraph, Healey “attended the first Bilderberg meeting in 1954 and sat on the steering committee for forty years.”

“There was the Atlantic Institute which discussed the Americans’ and Canadians’ issues, and there was the purely European one, which used to meet in Germany. But Bilderberg was the most useful of the lot,” Healey said, according to the Telegraph.

More updates on the 2013 Bilderberg group meeting will be posted as information becomes available.

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This article first appeared at End the Lie.

Madison Ruppert is the Editor and Owner-Operator of the alternative news and analysis database End The Lie and has no affiliation with any NGO, political party, economic school, or other organization/cause. He is available for podcast and radio interviews. Madison also now has his own radio show on UCYTV Monday nights 7 PM - 9 PM PT/10 PM - 12 AM ET. Show page link here:http://UCY.TV/EndtheLie. If you have questions, comments, or corrections feel free to contact him at

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