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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Actress Stands With Farmers and Hemp History Week

Heather Callaghan

The 4th Annual Hemp History Week still has a couple days left, and you still have time to join in some events. That isn't to say hemp happenings don't take place at other times of the year.

I stumbled on the blog of an actress who once played a fashion-savvy valley girl in a popular '90s movie. A lot of sarcasm is aimed at celebrities, maybe even more so when they join causes. But this one gets a lot of flak for her attachment parenting beliefs and organic vegetarian lifestyle. I just had no idea how she felt about hemp.


Hemp product popularity continues to rise in great popularity in the US even though only a couple of states are just now playing with the idea of legalizing industrial hemp. It became criminalized along with THC-containing marijuana years ago.

Actress and activist Alicia Silverstone sings the praises of hemp and sums up beautifully just one of the reasons we are missing out.

On her blog The Kind Life she writes:

Hemp products generate over $450 million in sales each year, yet we're not allowed to grow it in the United States. It's so flat out stupid that every other country grows it, but we don't! American farmers are missing out on that revenue, and importing hemp is prohibitively expensive, meaning consumers have to pay more for this healthy, sustainable material. It's the most unpatriotic policy you can imagine, right? Ridiculous, on an economic, environmental and health level!
Hemp is not just used to make clothes; it's also a great source of complete protein with ten amino acids, omega-3 and -6 essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, and iron. Hemp can also be used to make cosmetics, building materials, and auto parts (for real)! The downside is that right now, it's illegal to grow hemp in the U.S., so hemp product manufacturers have to import their raw materials, and farmers in the U.S. are missing out on an entire industry! 

Get Involved 

During Hemp History Week, there will be events happening all over the country! Let's help farmers and ourselves by renewing support for hemp farming in the U.S. and educate our elected officials about the economic benefits of growing non-drug, industrial hemp on American soil. 

Visit to find out what events are happening near you.

Healing food expert Julie Daniluk is also exuberant about this superfood for its ability to satiate and as a healthy substitute for unhealthy foods. Its creamy nutty flavor makes for a good milk substitute, nut butter, on salads, in soups, dips - or do what I do and just lift a bag of hemp hearts and dump them in your mouth.

You can also take action here.


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