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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Uncle Sam SUCKS!

Uncle Sam sucks American blood and liberty!! At Least 274 American Soldiers Remains Discarded In Trash Dump!! Doesn't that make you want to declare independence once more! This time from Uncle Sam!

The Love revolution is one of the greatest cultural shifts in the history of mankind. It is a global political awakening! We will soon reach the tipping point, as more of us refuse to remain neutral in these times of great moral conflict and work for positive change!

Perhaps you thought Uncle Sam was a benevolent spirit but harassing disabled, sick and dying citizens over their medicinal drug of choice is despicable and the most un-American activity I can think of!

Recently I was talking to our mutual friend, Ma Freedom about that money hungry beast, Uncle Sam. Remember him, tall thin guy? Well, have you seen him lately? He has become a bloated pig wallowing in a bloody soupy quagmire of his own creation. It's sad.

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