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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Adam Kokesh Arrested for Speaking at Pro-Marijuana Demonstration


Phone bomb 215 686 3388 and demand Adam be released  

Update:  Adam has been taken captive NOT by the Philly Police but by Federal PARK POLICE. I just spoke with a woman in the Park Police (215-597-7077) who spoke with her supervisor for me.  Her supervisor said that the Park Police have taken him to 401 NORTH 21st Street which is the 9th District. They do NOT have Positive ID on him right now and if they can't get positive ID within the next 30-45 minutes they will be taking him to a near by FEDERAL DETENTION Center.  I was told that if people go to that location they MIGHT be able to help get him out (possibly by ID'ing him.. IDK)  So the 9th District's # is: 215-686-3090.  If you are on the ground up there you need to SURROUND that building IMMEDIATELY.  MELT the phone lines.  NO ONE KNOWS WHY HE WAS ARRESTED. He was NOT in possession of Cannabis when they snatched him. -Nathan Cox

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