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Friday, May 17, 2013

3 Robbers Stick Victim in Gun Closet

Amanda Warren

A Houston, Texas neighborhood recently plagued by crime praised the efforts of an unlikely hero; a young man who didn't really want to be in a gun fight that day.

Recently, three armed crooks broke into a man's home to find the homeowner's son. They shoved him into a closet - which just happened to be his dad's gun haven.


When it was safe the young man grabbed a gun to go downstairs where the 20-year-old armed intruder fired at him and missed.... 

The resident fired and hit the armed intruder twice - once in the neck, and once in the leg. He didn't get very far before collapsing in the neighborhood and crying out in Spanish. He is now in the hospital. His two buddies ditched him, of course, driving away in a Chevrolet Tahoe and are still on the loose. The unnamed hero is rattled, but is receiving nothing but support from his friendly, thankful neighbors. Neighbor Craig Gladdis comically spares no sympathy for the injured criminal, saying things like: 
The owner, thank God for rights, he shot one of ‘em. And that’s as far as the guy got, collapsed on the concrete there. You know, amen, we got one of them.
He got what he deserved. You want to come over here and rob houses? Those of us who do carry guns in our houses, they are there for one reason—to keep you people out, and I’m so happy that someone got him.
Oh, and by saying "you people," - yes, he is stereotyping. He's referring to people who think it's okay to take weapons and bust into people's homes in broad daylight to steal and then shoot at them. Yes, it is all right to keep them out and stop crime from spreading. Even though the gun fight spilled out into the street, there were no legal hassles. 

Does Castle Doctrine extend into the streets? Recent news pieces don't describe police bothering victims or store owners who chase after criminals and shoot after the buggers high tail it. Craig joins the newscasters in heavily praising the boy who defended himself, his home, and his neighborhood.


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