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Saturday, October 27, 2012

How Activist Photographers Keep Police Abuse In Check

Brandon Smith, Contributor

There is a reason why municipalities and states across the U.S. are attempting to ban photography of police officers, or allow random and unwarranted officer confiscation of cameras and cell phones; because the video recording of police abuse is very effective.

Through federalization of state law enforcement, the government has greatly diminished the requirements and the quality of character in many city police recruitment centers.  This is not to say that there are not honorable law enforcement officers out there.  There are many.  However, the overall health of the enforcement community has taken a nosedive in recent years, and respect for Constitutional liberties and limits has all but disappeared.  I believe this trend toward thuggery is deliberately engineered, and that it is part of an ongoing process to acclimate American citizens to totalitarian conditions.  The first step is, of course, to expose these developments to the world, and video activism is a powerful tool in the fight.  The moment we can no longer view and record the actions of authorities is the moment we lose any ability (beyond full revolution) to apply balance or justice within the system.  The system becomes utterly separate and in their minds "superior" to the public.  This is the road to tyranny....

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