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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

11-Year-Old Girl Pushed Down, Pinned and Held at Gunpoint in Home

Amanda Warren

One of the perils of having an alarm system is - which is worse? The thugs who might have invaded your home or the ones dispatched to the "rescue."

In the case of one family, the home alarm system had been inadvertently turned on last Sunday, leaving them blissfully unaware of what would happen next.

No knock. Not even a "we're here to help!" Two Groveland, Florida officers let themselves into the home through the garage. Guns a blazin' - only to find a little girl watching television on her bed.She must be the burglar! (Yeah, right.)

At this point, all the focus of police force they could muster beamed in on her, as they began "protecting" her.

She said:
One of the officers was pushing me down and when he was pushing me down, (he) put his knee on me and the other officer had his gun pointed at me...
I was very scared and didn't know what to do; what happened...
And the cops asked her if she was the owner of the house... She answered no, and then they finally got up off of her to pursue Dad in his bedroom. The girl cried when she went to her dad's bedroom and remembers feeling sadness and fear. 

The father, Jean Guirand, cannot fathom the rationale behind it, because in his mind, police only go after legitimate threats. He does think someone should be fired for it. 

Speaking of which, why were they on the force to begin with? Look:

Channel 9 found Officers James Festa and John Rigdon have been with the department for three years, and both have been disciplined several times, according to their personnel files. Festa was reprimanded in December for botching a child abuse investigation. He was also been suspended in 2013 for sleeping on the job. Rigdon was suspended in May and demoted in 2013 from corporal. He was also reprimanded in 2011. Each punishment was the result of allegedly filing false police reports.
Brothers in blue have a way of staying on board, transferring, or pulling desk duty. Guirand wants Internal Affairs to scrutinize the initial police report, one that said nothing of the girl's account. Investigators may have interviewed her on Monday. 

Not only is it beyond disturbing that they jumped on her and pointed a deadly, loaded weapon at her, but it also unfathomable to consider the targets officers use for practice: no-hesitation targets featuring children, pregnant women and elderly; live injured animals, and old mugshots from locals. 

We're not just talking about "excessive force" (as the headlines are spinning it) - a term that used to be reserved for the treatment of apprehended suspects - no, this was a home invasion terror event. A little girl. In her very own home. Please bust any illusions that this is mere incompetence or lack of training - this is the result of training. You're the enemy

What's considered "business as usual" by two obviously mental thugs, continues to traumatize her.

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