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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Liberty activist, Mark Daniels, was arrested!

Lonoke County, Arkansas: Liberty activist, Mark Daniels, was arrested on Wednesday evening when the police became involved in a minor domestic situation.  
According to witnesses, Mark was approached in an aggressive manner, while sitting on the couch.  Once Mark indicated that he new what his rights were, and refused to identify himself, police reportedly became aggressive towards Mark.  According to his partner Thomas Graham of 17 years, Mark was sitting on the couch, passively resisting, when the officer indicated that Mark was under arrest and according to the officer's statement, laid his hands on Mark first, a struggled ensued. During the struggle, Thomas did not witness Mark striking the police officers, but did see one of the officers direct several strikes at Mark, one directed at his face, while Mark was on the floor, with an officer on top of him and the 2nd officer on top of both of them.  
The officer in question went on the record and stated that he struck Mr. Daniels in the face with a magnum flashlight and even struck his own partner in the leg, with the flashlight, thinking he was striking Mark.  After the short struggle, officers backed off and leveled their weapons at Mark.  Mark had crawled to the couch and was holding his face, which was bleeding profusely, according to Thomas, and requested medical treatment.  After calling for backup, Mark remained on the couch and "docile".  
Reinforcements arrived on the seen and were informed, via radio communications, that "negative, suspect is unarmed."  Moments later a state trooper entered the home with his sidearm drawn and leveled at Mr. Daniels, who was sitting on the couch, trying to stem the bleeding and requesting medical attention, stated "Get on the ground now, hands behind your back, or I will shoot you."  Mr Daniels continued to state, that his rights had been violated and wanted to know, why he was being threatened and asked for medical attention.  The state trooper repeated several times, "Get on the ground now, or I will shoot you."  
Mr. Daniels relented and allowed himself to be handcuffed and was "roughly" removed from the home.  Thomas Graham stated, "I wasn't able to see very clearly, since my glasses had been knocked off, in the earlier altercation, but I was horrified by the actions against Mark both during the arrest and after." 
"A Lonoke County Judge set Mark's bail at $100,000.00, to claims of Mark severely injuring 5 officers, 3 of which happened while in handcuffs," Thomas continued. "After the paramedics arrived on the scene, I never once saw anyone check Mark's injuries. To my knowledge, Mark's wounds were not checked until he arrived at the Couty Jail, that is approximately 15 minutes from our home.  The only significant injury that an officer sustained, that I was aware of, was from his partner hitting him with a magnum flashlight, thinking he was Mark."  
Since his arrest, the prosecuting attorney has filed battery charges and a no contact order, against Mr. Daniels, even though Mr. Graham, specifically stated that he did not wish to file charges or a restraining order.  Mr Graham has been unsuccessful in getting the no contact order reversed. 

Mr. Daniels has a bond reduction hearing scheduled for Tuesday, March 5 at 9:00.  Friends, family and Mr. Graham plan to attend this hearing to see that the injustices towards Mr. Daniels are reversed.  There have also been allegations made of threats, assault and mis-treatment of Mr. Daniels, while in the custody of the Lonoke Co. Jail.  Mr. Graham emphatically expressed, "Mark has been denied visits with members of the clergy that have attempted to see him.  There is no doubt in my mind as to the mistreatment Mark has received since he has been in the custody of the Lonoke Co. Jail.

Anyone who is able to help provide financial assistance to help bail Mr. Daniels out, you may make a donation at: , using the e-mail:  Also, you may reach Mr Graham at the previously mentioned e-mail if you have any information or suggestions for legal council or advice. 

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